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EmTechMag provides a full range of technology business services from idea generation to marketing your products. This is a task that cannot be done effectively without a diverse team behind it. And that is precisely what we are, a team in virtual space instead of at a single physical location. This virtual location helps us assemble the best talent from anywhere in the world.

 Picture Credit:  Pixabay

Picture Credit: Pixabay

It all started when...

Over a decade and more of experimenting on the web, with several successes and failures, we gained real insights into what works (and what do not) on the Internet. For example, we had an experimental website that gained page-one visibility on all major search engines even before we knew anything about SEO. It was much later, after going through a comprehensive SEO course, that we really knew why!

With practical exposure to business over decades, supported by a continuing program of training and research (which kept us from getting obsolete), we felt confident we can support entrepreneurs to create successfully operating businesses. A few trial assignments added to the confidence.

One key facilitator of business success is innovation, which is easier in emerging technology businesses. Hence EmTechMag's focus on these.

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